More About Sue

This page is my personal bulletin board. A place to share who I am, what I care about, what I am doing, and whom I am doing it with.

Triathlon Training 2023

Many challenges this year...displaced fracture of my distal clavicle followed by a displaced rib fracture four weeks later (trying to run with the broken clavicle), and just as I thought I was leaving 2023 behind me, a blow out orbital fracture. So grateful to my coach, Jeffrey Capobianco and athletic trainer, B.J. Baker for sticking by me. Was fortunate to have the support of Aaron, family and friends, and a great medical team....and managed to get to Lake Placid training camp and do two 70.3 half ironman races!


Week 1....Basement rides in the double sling

Nonprofit Work

For more than ten years I have served as the board chair of the Human Outreach Project (HOP), working with its founder and my good friend Dean Cardinale. HOP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit conceived on the premise that trekkers could – and should – give back to the communities in which they travel. HOP works in areas surrounding World Wide Trekking expedition sites in remote areas of Tanzania, Nepal and Peru. With a particular focus on youth, we partner with communities to identify local needs and co-create sustainable solutions to improve health and education. 

Dean Cardinale (President), Ray Massae and I review plans with Abel, our local construction engineer.

Ray Massae (Operations Manager for Tanzania) and I discuss repairs needed for the vehicle used to transport kids to school.

Piloting exercises that combine design thinking with geometry with the kids and correlating observations with school performance.

Working on developing interactive bilingual reading exercises with the kids - they provided lots of great feedback on prototypes!

The Path

A glimpse into the early development of a concept documentary. This short clip produced by Jake Waxman subtly reveals the role and influence of Tae Kwon Do in my life. The informal clip was designed as a prototype of how one could design media that exposes intimate vulnerabilities while preserving a sense of privacy.