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This page is my digital notebook, bulletin board and sketchpad. A place to jot down what I am reading about, thinking about, and working on. A place to post random cool and interesting things I stumble upon or to share resources about important global challenges. A place to share sketches and diagrams on index cards and napkins.

A Conversation with Dr. Suraya Dalil

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Suraya Dalil, former Minister of Public Health for Afghanistan, and a woman I consider a colleague, role model, and friend. Her elegant narrative of a lifetime of challenges intertwined with profound moments of optimism exudes principled passion, unwavering commitment, and an infectious hope for Afghanistan's future. Our conversation was part of the "Voices in Leadership" series at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. Read blog posting and news.

Evolution of Public Health

This animation on the Evolution of Public Health was developed as part of a larger project: redesigning and creating an online orientation course for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s incoming graduate students. The course—Foundations for Public Health—was developed to serve as an introduction to public health and establish a solid foundation for students’ education and engagement over the course of their graduate experience, and into their public health careers. This animated voiceover summarizes the evolution of public health from its inception in the 1700s through to the 1988 report, The Disarray of Public Health: A Threat to the Health of the Public, from the Institute of Medicine.

Venezuela Refugee Crisis

The 2019 Preventive Priorities Survey published by the Council on Foreign Relations got it right when it predicted a worsening situation in Venezuela as a result of a triad of economic, political and social crises. A recent report on the complex emergency documents catastrophic hospital closures, lack of essential medicines, and virtually nonexistent health services. While neighboring Colombia is host to more than one million refugees, their capacity to absorb many more is limited. Richard Haass asked in a recent op-ed, "How much worse do things in Venezuela have to become before the world would be prepared to act?" I could not agree more.

Unnoticed Deregulation

Progressive deregulation under the Trump administration has largely gone unnoticed amidst the political drama of the daily news. But acts like the Stream Protection Rule, requiring mining companies to track and restore streams that have been polluted by their activities, are already having consequences. Read about the public health dangers facing Appalachian coal communities. There was a time the United States had virtually no federal protection for our natural resources, but scientific evidence documenting the consequences to human health drove numerous acts to protect the environment. and hold industry and corporations accountable. The public health community cannot afford to be silent. This issue, like gun control, is squarely "within our lane".

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Population Dynamics

This is a three part series on basic population dynamics. The videos are prototypes for an upcoming series on globalization and world health to be released in summer 2019. A teaching pack featuring the collection of videos along with companion resources is available from the Digital Global Health Repository at the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University.

Gun Violence

This resource pack on Gun Violence and Public Health was curated by the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University to accompany the webcast seminar The Gun Violence Epidemic: Protecting the Public’s Health from The Forum at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and is updated regularly with current, critical information related to gun violence.


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Animation: The SDGs

I created this quick animation for my undergraduate students in SW24: Is Globalization Good or Bad for Health? to review the Sustainable Development Goals as set forth by the United Nations General Assembly.